Eco-Absorb, All Natural Spill Clean-Up, 2 Liter Bag

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A new‐age‐technology special blend of all‐natural, renewed by‐products, Eco-Absorb® Coconut Formula is a one ‐of‐a‐kind super absorbent. Eco-Absorb® Coconut Formula is made from some of the most absorbent materials available in nature. The combination of coconut pith, a byproduct of the coconut industry, and our all‐natural, totally inert compound, makes Eco-Absorb® Coconut Formula super light weight yet incredibly absorbent.

  • Instantly absorbs spills 15X more than clay
  • Leaves no oily or sticky residue behind
  • Super lightweight – No back-breaking lifting of heavy bags
  • Poses NO health risks – No harmful Carcinogens
  • 100% Green – Made from all-natural renewed by-products
  • Certified Non-leaching and Landfill safe
  • Works on all types of spills
  • Less than 25% of the total cost of clay use and disposal
  • Non-reactive – Unlike clay absorbents
  • No Dust! – like that found in clay and Diatomaceous Earth